Social Responsibility Policy


We will respect the law, honor its internal policies, ensure that all its internal business operations are legitimate, and keep every partnership and collaboration open and transparent.

Business Ethics

We will conduct business with integrity and respect to human rights, promoting safety to consumers and employees, respect our customers, and practice anti-bribery and anti-corruption by being open and transparent.

Protecting and Preserving the Environment

We recognize the need to protect the natural environment for ourselves and future generations.  In addition to legal obligations, we will proactively protect the environment.  We will ensure all recyclable materials will be recycled properly.  We will make conserving energy will be a priority.  And we will stay current on applicable environmentally friendly technologies to assure recycling and conservation practices are maximized.

Protecting People

We will ensure that we will not endanger the health and safety of our employees or the community.  We support the elements that make individuals unique from one another and a work environment in which all individuals can contribute fully to our success by being treated fairly and respectfully and having equal access to opportunities and resources.

Human Rights

We are dedicated to protecting human rights and are a committed equal opportunity employer that will abide by all fair labor practices. 

Supporting the Community

We will value and support the local community and its arts.


We will encourage our employees to research, study, and develop new ideas.  We believe that employees are our most valuable resource.  We will strive for continuous improvement in all aspects.